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Wed, Jul 29, 2015 Ruling by the Press Ombudsman 29 July 2015 This ruling is based on the written submissions of Mr Billy Gundelfinger, on behalf of Mr Tokyo Sexwale, and those of of The Star editor, Kevin Ritchie.

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The first text was drafted by The Star, and it reads as follows: .

Yes, the text that I am asking The Star to publish is not going to contain any reference to the divorce – but still, the story in question was published not so long ago that I can safely assume that the reasonable reader may read the apology within the context of the offending article. Gundelfinger’s proposal that the text includes a reference to the picture should suffice.

I also agree with the editor that the newspaper has already (and adequately) apologized for getting the name of the judge wrong; I am therefore not going to ask it to do so again.

It has since been pointed out that naming the parties in the matter was in contravention of the law pertaining to divorce and that we were wrong to name Tokyo Sexwale as a participant in the case when Judy Sexwale brought the matter against Mvelaphanda’s auditor.

It has also been pointed out that it was wrong to refer to Mvelaphanda as belonging to Tokyo Sexwale, when it is only the family trust, of which Sexwale is a trustee, which holds 25 percent of the shares. The draft apology therein contained is unacceptable to my client and I set out hereunder what is acceptable.

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