Who is novak djokovic dating 2016 dating site seniors

Things turned from bad to worse when another Tennis legend, John Mc Enroe, compared Djokovic to alleged serial cheater, golfer Tiger Woods.

One of his former girlfriends has also brought to life the alleged affairs of the Tennis sensation and it involves Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone.

It all started when problems in Djokovic’s personal life surfaced in the media and rumours that all is not well between his wife Jelena and him for the last 18 months made their way to the masses.

Deepika Padukone and Novak Djokovic leaving The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles.

British tabloid Daily Mail was slammed for not recognizing DP, who had called her 'a female companion' and 'a leggy brunette'.

Well, Deepika is allegedly in a romantic relationship with Padmavati actor Ranveer Singh, otherwise, why not?

Bekvalac was involved with Novak in between 20 that too, when he was still dating Jelena Ristic who is now his wife.

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