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For Sheen, playing gay is something he was doing back before it was chic (with Hal Holbrook!) and along his impressive career he has also been a part of the stage cast of , I wasn’t sure how much you and Sam would be involved beyond the jumping off point but your relationship is just as much a part of the show as Grace and Frankie’s., the only other pair that comes close to stealing scenes from the ladies are Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston as newly out lovers…and Grace and Frankie’s exes.If you have yet to check out the Netflix comedy, the very different Grace (Fonda) and Frankie (Tomlin) are connected primarily through their lawyer husbands Robert (Sheen) and Sol (Waterston), who reveal to the wives in the opening minutes of the series that they’ve been in a love affair for twenty years and want to go public with their relationship and get married.CHARLIE Sheen is an American actor who is most famous for his stints on Two and a Half Men and Anger Management.

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As for the men, they’re also in new territory since they are living out loud for the first time while their exes and their kids are still very much a part of their lives.

Sheen began his acting career in the 1980s in movies like Red Dawn and Platoon, but it was his role in Wall Street with his father Martin that truly propelled him.

After his film career bubbled over Charlie found his way to television stardom, becoming in the process the most highly paid actor on TV at the time for his role on Two And A Half Men.

MS: I think that for the majority of the first year, she’s intent on getting even in a way.

She wants to explore with other men to bolster her confidence.

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