Who is bob dylan dating now

," Dylan wrote that, back in Minnesota, the first time he saw Baez on TV, “I couldn’t stop looking at her, didn’t want to blink... By now smitten, Baez then invited Dylan along on her August tour, where she would bring him out for duets and give him short solo spots to hawk his wares. Nothing she did ​didn’t work.”Baez, on the other hand, was unfazed by what she heard when she first saw Dylan perform at Gerde's Folk City in 1961.

His influence cannot be overstated, inspiring bands like the Beatles to experiment with new kinds of songwriting.

Then in 1975, Baez called out to Dylan again with her romantic reminiscence, "If it was nostalgia Baez was seeking, she would soon get it after joining his 1975-76 renaissance road show, the Rolling Thunder Revue.

As part of the opening set, Baez would do a couple songs, and then Dylan would join her onstage for duets ranging from Merle Travis's “," which was shot throughout the 30-show tour across New England and Canada.

Fifty years ago today the streets of Paris staged a battle between 6,000 student demonstrators and 1,500 gendarmes – within days it had snowballed into civil dispute that saw 10 million French workers go on general strike and brought the economy to a virtual halt.

Andreas Whittam Smith recalls the events of ‘Mai 68’ From the arrival of heavy rock through to a revival in roots-based music, the albums released half a century ago reflected society’s chaos and upheaval.

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