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Now that the wider, more accessible dating site akin to Match, OKCupid or Tinder don’t always fulfil the wants of those singletons looking for ‘the one’, specific dating sites based on occupation, sexual orientation and interests have become increasingly popular.

However, dating sites don’t also reflect the state of the times.

I just want to spend some quite time with my special someone.

You don't have to be single if you don't want to!

Many genealogical databases and the Modern Language Association citation style use this format. State Department also use the day-month-year order, complying with the international ICAO Convention Travel Document Standards. 25 August 2006) in written American English is becoming more common outside of the media industry and legal documents, particularly in university publications and in some internationally influenced publications as a means of dealing with ambiguity.

When filling in the Form I-94 cards and new customs declaration cards used for people entering the U. The Chicago Manual of Style recommends it for material that requires many full dates, since it does not require commas.

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The common month-day-year format is used when corresponding with civilians. Weeks are generally referred to by the date of some day within that week (e.g., "the week of May 25"), rather than by a week number.

The military date notation is similar to the date notation in British English but is read cardinally (e.g. Holidays are an exception; such days are typically identified relative to the day of the week on which the holiday is fixed, either from the beginning of the month (first, second, etc.) or end (last, and far more rarely penultimate and antepenultimate).

For example, Thanksgiving is defined as being on "the fourth Thursday in November." Some such definitions are more complex.

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