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It also includes an upgrade to higher-bandwidth DDR4 memory.

The Dell XPS 8700 is Dell's second most recent product in the XPS line.

For example, the XPS 200 is limited to extremely low-end video cards, while the XPS M140 is only configurable with Intel video, thus making both systems unsuited for gaming or high-end usage.On June 2, 2009, The M17x was introduced as the First Alienware/Dell branded system.The Dell XPS 8900 was released in October 2015 and is Dell's most recent product in the XPS line.The basic input/output system (BIOS) of your XPS is a small chip housed in your motherboard that gets your computer running when you first start it.As the name implies, it also controls information between Windows and the hardware attached to your motherboard (hard drive, mouse, keyboard).If drivers and operating systems are not fully compatible, communication can break down and performance will be compromised.Dell has made the process of updating your XPS BIOS and drivers super easy: If your XPS does not have the most recent drivers and BIOS you will receive the option to update.The XPS (Xtreme Performance System) name dates back to 1993 when Dell at that time was more focused on corporate business than consumers.Gateway was number one in the high-end consumer market.However, Alienware's access to Dell's supply chain, purchasing power, and economies of scale would lower its operating costs.Initially, Dell maintained the XPS line, often selling computers with the same specifications as those offered by the Alienware division.

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