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The Department of Ecology conducted a comprehensive field study of nature conservation and environmental management in Western Siberia.

This work formed the basis of the landscape and ecological map of the Tomsk Region.

The Institute has six academic departments: 1) Fluid Dynamics and Physics of the Explosion 2) Mechanics of Deformable Solids 3) Aerodynamics and Thermal Physics 4) Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics 5) Fast Processes 6) Mathematical Physics NII PMM TSU with the Physical and technical, Mechanical-mathematical and Physical TSU Departments conducted research in the following areas: Currently, the Institute structure comprises 6 departments: the research and education centers "Compound semiconductors Physics and Electronics", "Radio and optoelectronics functional materials", "Radiophysics and electronics", "Research Institute of medical materials and implants with shape memory", "Department of Computer Science" and "Photonics Branch".

The Institute also includes 7 independent laboratories: space geophysics and ecology, physics of plasticity and strength, physics of structural transformations, metallography, physics of inelasticity materials, alloys theories of and the optical wave propagation laboratory.

Scientific research institutes are a major component of the University’s educational and research complex.

The research potential and scientific equipment of the Siberian Institute of Physics and Technology, the Scientific and Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, the Scientific and Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics, as well as the Botanical Garden, are widely used in the learning process.

The staff of the Siberian Botanical Gardens was awarded the RF Government Prize in the field of science and technique for the establishment of a botanical complex that is unique in the Earth’s northern latitudes.

The Institute’s main achievement is the Professor V.

The Siberian Botanical Garden handles 137 species of world rare plants, including 43 species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

The Siberian Botanical Garden structure includes an administration and management department and 9 research laboratories where the field study of tropical and subtropical introduction of ornamental, medicinal, agricultural, rare and endangered plants is conducted and issues of dendrology and landscape architecture, biotechnology, phytochemistry, and protection of plants from pests and diseases are examined.

Dear ITS students Tomsk State University, Russia proud to announce their winter school which be held on 25 January – 6 February 2015.

They offer 2 kind programs, Winter School of intensive Russian & The Winter IT school.

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