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Gloucester Cathedral, formally the Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, in Gloucester, England, stands in the north of the city near the River Severn.

It originated in 678 or 679 with the foundation of an abbey dedicated to Saint Peter (dissolved by Henry VIII).

In 2010 Nicholson also added a Trompette Harmonique solo reed. It is designed particularly to play from its position on the Quire screen to both East and West sides of the Cathedral.

The Swell is situated in the centre of the case at console level and is controlled by two swell pedals, one for each side of the case.

In 1582, Robert Lichfield is recorded as the organist of Gloucester Cathedral.

Both types have a wide range of subject matter: mythology, everyday occurrences, religious symbolism and folklore.Monuments of William Warburton (Bishop of Gloucester) and Edward Jenner (physician) are also worthy of note.Between 18, and in 1897, the cathedral was extensively restored by George Gilbert Scott.As of 11 January 2018: Details of the organ from the National Pipe Organ Register The organ was originally constructed in 1666 by Thomas Harris and has the only complete 17th-century cathedral organ case surviving in the country.The pipes displayed on the front of the case are still functional.The cathedral, built as the abbey church, consists of a Norman nucleus (Walter de Lacy is buried there), with additions in every style of Gothic architecture.It is 420 feet (130 m) long, and 144 feet (44 m) wide, with a fine central tower of the 15th century rising to the height of 225 ft (69 m) and topped by four delicate pinnacles, a famous landmark.In September 2016 Gloucester Cathedral joined the Church of England’s ‘Shrinking the Footprint’ campaign.The aim of this campaign is to reduce The Church of England’s carbon emissions collectively, by 80%.The cloisters at Gloucester are the earliest surviving fan vaults, having been designed between 13 by Thomas de Canterbury.The most notable monument is the canopied shrine of Edward II of England who was murdered at nearby Berkeley Castle (illustration below).

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