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Despite this encouragement, she was not ready to do any search.

Long discussions in therapy never revealed what she feared. According to the great psychologist, Eric Erikson, adolescence involves a search for self identity.

While this search is difficult for most teenagers, it presents special problems for adoptee.

Assuming they never met their natural parents and family and have no idea of their genetic background, they are left with a gigantic gap in their search to answer the age old question, "Who am I." Of course, the more information available to young people, the less of a gap there is in the information they need to formulate a real sense of themselves.

While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not." The crazy thing is that this whole baby dramz went down BEFORE he became governor of California.

The one good thing out of this whole thing is that Arnold took financial responsibility for the child since the beginning. Well, the infidelity isn't shocking, but the fact that Arnold fathered this child and kept it a secret from his wife and family for this long is unbelievable!

We have a feeling Maria had to deal with a lot of crap while being married to Ahhnold, but she probably was forced to slap a smile on her face and keep her mouth shut while he was the Governator.

In point of fact, her adoptive mother had tried to contact her and the adoptive family from the time she was five years old and onward. A young woman from a war torn Asian nation was adopted by a white American family.

She will not search for her parents and family because she is convinced they are dead and she does not wish to "betray" her American parents.

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