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The remaining dance numbers were directed with the help of Robbins' assistants.Recognizing Robbins' considerable creative contribution to the film, Wise agreed that Robbins should be given co-directing credit, even though Wise directed the greater part of the film.Riff recruits his best friend Tony, the co-founder of the Jets, to join them at the dance and subsequent rumble; Tony, who has since left the gang and is now working at Doc's Drug Store, is uninterested but agrees to come, confiding in Riff that he senses something big could happen in his life soon, and Riff suggests something could happen at the dance ("Something's Coming").

The next day at the bridal shop Maria is on Cloud Nine ("I Feel Pretty"), but then Anita unwittingly mentions the rumble.

Maria arrives and they run to each other in the middle of the playground, but just before they can embrace, Chino appears and shoots Tony and he collapses and dies in Maria's arms ("Somewhere (Reprise)").

The Jets and Sharks converge on the playground and are about to have it out again when Maria angrily stops them; she takes Chino's gun and blames them all for killing Riff, Bernardo, and Tony.

Tony arrives moments later and tells the whole story and asks her forgiveness before he turns himself in to the police.

Maria again reaffirms her love for Tony and asks him to stay with her ("Somewhere").

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