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Most of those mullatos are not even closer to black but closer to White.

Not alway accepted but it shows that they are different than the normal negroid trait.

Avan Jogia can pass as North Indian any day, there are North Indians that have lighter and more sharper features than him… And p.s you dummy Canadian is a nationality not an ethnicity. but he said he was Canadian not Indian on facebook and WE ALL AGREED that he isnt and doesnt look Indian at all. go to the 2009 archive, he tells us right there on his FB Log in to Reply He doesn’t look Hispanic.

An Indian and a White person mixing won’t make a drastic difference on the child, it’s technically NOT INTERRACIAL since they are 2 Caucasians. Log in to Reply As I said before tho he doesnt look like an Indian at all and everyone on the Beck facebook page agreed. His ethnicity is white and Indian while his nationality is Canadian don’t confuse the two. He looks exactly what he is -half East Indian, half white. Log in to Reply Ignore the comments that say Avan is not Indian.

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Also, I said every race except negroid for olive skin, that means pure negroids, not mullatos nor octroons.DNA did prove stronger structure of certain theories for the race, but mind you, it is an admixture of DNA, and some DNA strands are different groups of DNA. Look at a picture of his Indian father, and you can see those features in him right away if there are still any doubts.This is why there is not any one drop ideal, because it is plain silly, but can a person prejudice over one drop and justify, off the record, Definitely. Irish people have the highest percentage of people with Type I skin and then Type II skin. Ireland is not in Southern Europe but North Western Europe and along with Scotland and Norway has the lowest amount of sunlight. And for everyone who keeps saying he’s “Canadian not Indian…” CANADIAN IS NOT A RACE/ETHNICITY.You said except for,yet Will smith,eva pigford,christina milian,halle, Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger(not counting as black),and a hosts of others, I didn’t know pop up.Yvonne Nelson from Ghana pop up: could you explain a little bit further.There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!Mainly because there worthless and populated with fake profiles.He was obsessed with Aryans and their history, and he was a nut in reading about Hinduism. But listen you horney b*tch whatever you say is not going to make Avan Jogia any less Indian and any more Hispanic.People who only think Indians to look dark and almost alien like to whites obviously have no clue what North Indians look like. And your opinion doesn’t really matter because it’s not like you’re ever going to be with him so get over it.Avan’s great-grandfather Adney was born in Calgary, Alberta the son of Edward Emerson Tudor and Pearl Dorothy Reed. S., fdthe daughter of James Daniel Jordan and Lula Belle File. Log in to Reply he pretty much looks like a standard Med and could pass in Southern Europe, Turkey, Levant, Iran, and lot of Middle Easterners from those countries could conceivably pass in Southern Europe too i’d probably guess him as Turkish or Persian first, but if he told me has Spanish or Greek I’d believe him too a lot of Indian/Euros mixes look fully white due to all Indians pretty much being structurally Caucasian and having significant Caucasian admixture, especially North Indian/Euro mixes Log in to Reply Lol, some people say he looks white, some say he doesn’t. Korean and Japanese people are light, and are they considered “white”?? There are light skinned black people, but are they considered white?? Bone structure and status is how races are classified.Avan’s maternal grandmother was Edith Marjory/Joan Griffiths/Griffith. Sources: Just Jared interview with Avan Jogia – of Avan Jogia – https://com Obituary and genealogy of Avan’s maternal great-grandfather, Adney Jennings/Jenning Tudor (focusing on his own father’s side) – of Avan’s maternal great-great-grandfather, Edward Emerson Tudor (focusing on his own mother’s side) – of Avan’s maternal great-grandmother, Lucille/Lucile Marie (Jorden) Tudor – Esteb / If there’s any place in the world he’d blend in without question, it would be amongst Kurds, Persians, Pashtuns, etc. He looks like a typical Mediterranean Caucasian to me, could pass in Iberia, Italy, or Greece, but he looks distinctively Iberian to me. Also, Italians, Spaniards, Irish, Greeks, and other certain groups have olive skin.

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