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Up to that point in my life I had only garnered a few vague inferences of the C-47.

Thinking there might be hard evidence laying around on the side of some mountain somewhere set my ears on fire.

Sometime before the end of World War II a fully fueled and operable C-47 with no markings and painted in the flat tan desert color of the Afrika Korps --- with a white underbelly --- was found parked beneath camouflage netting on a remote Nevada desert airfield thought to be what in recent times has come to be known as Scotty's or the Bonnie Claire airstrip, a basically remote forever abandoned X shaped strip with no real known history about 125 miles north of Las Vegas.

The unmarked C-47 was eventually traced back as being one of thirty-nine C-47s used in , the invasion of Vichy French North Africa in November, 1942, in of which a great number of the 47s were either destroyed, lost, or ended up unaccounted for.

That particular B-29, which proudly carries the nose art name Raz'n Hell with lineage dating back to World War II and service in the Korean War, is widely different than any of the other aircraft on display for one distinct reason, it is said to be haunted.

The B-29 came to my attention by a circuitous route one day while in pursuit of information regarding a mysterious C-47 I heard about.

Years later, and at the time unrelated to any of the above, I learned that a former high school classmate of mine was in the process of restoring the top of my list favorite aircraft, a , the venerable World War II fighter made famous by the Flying Tigers --- albeit in this case, a Pearl Harbor survivor --- to it's full and flight worthy status.However, what is important to us here, in one of the world's biggest coincidences, is what else the ceramics teacher told me.Shortly after the end of the Korean War the ceramics teacher had joined the Air Force and ended up stationed at Castle Air Force Base, in those days way out in the middle of nowhere in California's central valley farmland and well before the air museum was ever thought of.Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.In the very heart of California's central valley is a place that should be of extreme interest to almost every serious aviation buff in the world, the Castle Air Museum.Their search ended after several days when they eventually came across what they were looking for.According to the airman the fruit of their search endeavors turned out to be nothing less than a fully fueled and operable unmarked C-47 carefully hidden from the air under camouflage netting out in the middle of the remote Nevada desert somewhere west and south of Death Valley not far from the Sierras.Two of those aviation buffs, a high school history and geography teacher from someplace I didn't catch and a ceramics teacher from a nearby high school in Torrance, were talking about a crashed C-47 that one of them found years before in the San Bernardino Mountains.When I heard the one who found it say he was just a kid when he stumbled across the wreck in the mountains and it still had parachutes, clothing and other personal effects, thinking it might be a World War II wreck and possibly associated with the gone missing unmarked C-47 found parked in the desert in early 1945 I was suddenly more interested than mere eavesdropping.The airman told him after many years in the service he would be retiring in a few days and wanted him to have what was in the envelope.When he opened he envelope he found the operational procedures on how to fly a C-47 --- written in German.

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