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" He sighs heavily and says, "if you want" I say, "Yeah, I would really appreciate it."So I start filling out the form checking things off and he is just standing there. have been reinstalled and tell him I will check that one and sign after he puts the sink back in. I couldn't have been happier with them and that doesn't even include the wonderful job they did.He stomps over grabs up the sink, puts the seal back over it and slams it into the counter. After the counter top guys left I took a chance to really look things over and once again I was really pleased with my main bathroom.I have decided to move to the country, go off grid, and eventually become self-sustaining..

The woman I talked to said that she would tell her supervisor and get back to me. I am asking because this is only my second experience with it and maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing.

I asked politely if they could close the door behind them since it is 90 degrees here today and the one guy actually rolled his eyes at me and just kept going.

So I leave them alone until they had been here about an hour and then go back and ask them if they would like anything to drink.

At this point I just really want him out of my home so I signed the damn paper and he snatched from my hand, turned around and stalked out of the room. However, my daughter's bathroom counter top is a mess.

He didn't caulk the sink back in, he tore several chunks out of the front of her counter and it's pretty beat up looking now, and he didn't even take the time to clean up the counter top from the caulk, glue or what ever it is he used to it.

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