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Make sure that all the facts are correct and that there aren't any problems.Knowing how much you can afford is crucial before purchasing anything, but in the case of such a big investment as buying a home, you should double-check all your calculations.It can be even more difficult as a single parent, although it can save you thousands of dollars.We have wonderful mortgage brokers to recommend to you, to help take care of this for you. - Canada's parenting community Single Parents Meetup Finances and Insurances Resources for single parents – Tax Burdens Single Individuals With ou Without Children Income Tax Benefit – Canada Revenue Agency (how do you qualify as a single parent family) Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Credits, Benefits & Incentives, Ministry of Revenue Employment Insurance (EI) and the family supplement Life Insurance Resources for homeworks and transportation Library – Child and Family Canada Forum that provides children and family related information resources in various subject areas. Helping Children and Youth Live With Separation and Divorce – Health Canada Offers information to assist professionals in social services, health, justice and education, in their work with youth and their parents. Childcare Preschool Directory for all cities in Canada Carpool Tool – Canada's free carpool service This site is a non-profit project . https:// Crossing Borders - Documents needed when only one parent is traveling Canada : Passports for children Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions in our lives, and everyone who is thinking about buying a home must carefully analyze all the considerations of this transaction.Our team has experience over many years helping single parents get their footing in the Toronto market.

It is a number between 300 and 900 that indicates the likelihood that you will repay your debts.According to Statistics Canada, the number of single homebuyers (including single parent families) is increasing.More than 27% of all homes in Canada were occupied by single owners in 2012.The complex process of homebuying does not start with hunting for the right home but with doing financial homework.First of all, you will need to review your credit history and make sure that it is as clean as possible.Also take into consideration whether this is conventional mortgage where you can increase the amortization to 30 years to qualify the deal (a great short term plan while getting financially secure) or insured where the maximum amortization is 25 years.Mortgage insurance might also be a good idea for a single parent. There are lots of different online calculators available, we have one on our website here.This non-refundable tax credit is reduced by the income earned by the dependant and can be claimed only by one person for the dependant.Single parents of a dependent child in Canada who are older than 19, are residents of Canada for income tax purposes, and earn an annual income of more that ,000 are eligible for the Working Income Tax Benefit.Being a single parent is not easy, especially when it comes to financial planning for a home in Toronto.Even though single parents might have tighter resources, they want to provide the best possible standard of living for their families.

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