Sims 3 romantic interest to dating

Fiona Schultz is one of the younger daughters of Holly and Seth.

Several in-game weeks pass, and she's relatively happy with her career: she’s reached the sixth level of the Medical career track and is in charge of an entire floor of the local hospital.

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I want to go with the Confess Personality command, but it conflicts with her personality. What if he doesn’t like her as much as she likes him? This helps things out though, because a refreshing nap gives her a buff to help out her mood, which in turn will increase the chance Al will accept romantic interactions… After waking, Fi decides she wants to check out Al’s house, but doesn’t quite know where lives.

In fact, she gets that warning in fairly short order.

Al’s son, Shad (who is oddly an adult just like Al himself is), started yelling at Fi for no reason. I wonder if Shad has the Hot-Headed or Mean Spirited trait?

She goes for holding hands, then decides to try her first kiss (in adulthood… She heads into Map View, then sorts the tags by friends.

what can I say, I neglected her as a teen and young adult! I tense, she tenses, she moves in, lips puckered, just as the sky turns night. She finds where Al lives, and we zoom into the house.

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