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County prefects (with deputy prefects and mayor of Zagreb with his/her deputies) can be recalled by a referendum.County administrative bodies are administrative departments and services which are established for the performance of works in the self-governing domain of the county, as well as for the performance of works of state administration transferred to the county.Counties were first introduced in Croatia during the House of Trpimirović's rule.The exact number and borders of these early counties are difficult to determine accurately; they were considered to encompass areas subordinated to a single centre of local authority, but the possessions of significant nobles had a legal status separate from local authority.The divisions have changed over time, reflecting: territorial losses to Ottoman conquest and subsequent Croatian recapture of some territory; changes in the political status of Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and Istria; and political circumstances, including the personal union and settlement between Croatia and Hungary.

Because of wishes and advices of many club members, we create the special evening without single men. Anyone who will not take a part in the party what he/she has reserved without an excuse is to be excluded from the group of V. You can use sauna and/or jacuzzi as long as you wish.Nokia's devices division was acquired by Microsoft in early 2014 and has since been rebranded as Microsoft Mobile.Microsoft Mobile continued to release Nokia-branded handsets running Windows Phone until a clearer strategy for aligning the Microsoft and Nokia brands was decided on in October 2014.The Nokia Lumia 930 lacks a micro SD card reader and uses a Snapdragon 800 chipset, while the HTC One (M8) with Windows Phone features a card reader and uses a Snapdragon 801 chipset.Since they were re-established in 1992, Croatia has been divided into 20 counties and the capital city of Zagreb, which has the authority and legal status of both a county and a city (separate from the surrounding Zagreb County).) is a representative and deliberative body in each county.This was to replace the Nokia name on future Lumia devices with Microsoft Lumia branding.These devices feature quad core processors and 1080p screens at 1080x1920 resolution.County taxes include a five percent inheritance and gift tax, a motor vehicle tax, a vessel tax and an arcade game machine tax.The counties are tasked with performing general public administration services, primary and secondary education, government funded healthcare, social welfare, administration pertaining to agriculture, forestry, hunting, fisheries, mining, industry and construction, and other services to the economy at the county level, as well as road transport infrastructure management and issuing of building and location permits and other document in relation to construction in the county area excluding the area of the big city and the county seat city; the central government and local (city and municipal) governments may also perform each of those tasks at their respective levels according to the law.These offices ("administrations") are not subordinate to the county assembly or county prefect, but rather the direct presence of the state (similar to governorates or prefectures in certain countries).The counties are funded by the central government, as well as from county-owned businesses, county taxes and county fees.

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