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Soon after the acceptance of their 'friendship', the messages flood in. Whether it's sextortion - a form of sexual extortion where a person is blackmailed through previous sexual conduct, whether they've been filmed or caught in a 'compromising' situation - or an emotionally vulnerable person being used and manipulated into handing money over for fraudulent reasons, online scams can be devastating.Before long they're pushing a romantically or sexually suggestive agenda and seeking a similar response. According to the Get Safe Online website, the average financial loss of a dating fraud is £2,000 and Action Fraud receives around one report of dating fraud every four hours.

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Like many singletons across Scotland, our police dog Brock is looking for love this Valentines.

They have your attention but something just doesn't feel right. Meanwhile, the average number of days between first contact and the date of first payment is 30 days, with the scammer often playing the long game as opposed to a forward and quick request for money.

You may think this will never happen to you, but always treat the online world with caution.

Don't forget to fully charge your phone before you head out!

Nothing worse than leaving your house with a low battery and being forced to conserve your phone use through the night.

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