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Capture attention with beautiful, high-impact visuals. Adjust clarity, color, and tone, and create image manipulation effects or perfect your graphic design work.Take your pictures to the next level with the most powerful set of image editing software for web, desktop, and mobile.

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All our programs let you make hundreds of photo adjustments — from simple color tweaks to layer and mask creation, but this abundance of options can make even the best photo editing software difficult to navigate.So we looked for programs that made it easy to find the right tools on the first try.Each contender met the same baseline standards, allowing us to collapse editing modules we didn’t need, so that histograms and color charts didn’t take up unnecessary screen (and brain) space.But Photoshop has a reputation for being difficult for beginners.We wanted to find out which program offered the best balance for beginners: user-friendly, without sacrificing tools or abilities.Whether you’re a novice or pro photographer, designer, or artist, you’ll find tools and settings for any visual project.Performing image editing and applying picture effects to any image is a time consuming exercise that is fit only for an avid photoshop user.If you’d prefer a one-time purchase and download, Serif Affinity Photo offers many of the same tools as Adobe Photoshop, and only costs before it’s yours forever.While Serif doesn’t offer tutorials to guide you through using different tools and techniques in the app (you’ll have to watch their online video series), we still found it beginner-friendly.If we wanted to work on minute lighting changes, we could close up our coloring modules, and arrange the Brightness and Contrast, Shadows and Highlights, and Exposure modules to our liking.Most of our programs did well here, but Corel was an outlier.

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