Paula white dating clint brown

They also have a show called ''Beat the Booey'' that will be coming up on Howard TV exclusively.Robin started her news with a story about music producer Lou Pearlman getting sentenced to 25 years in prison.Howard thanked the guys and asked the dentist if he knows Darth Nihilus.Artie said that he looked up the requirements to get into that guy's guild and it said that you can't have had sex with more than two women in your life.Howard asked the dentist about his SAT scores and the guy claimed that he had 900s on both parts but Howard said they only went to 800.the guy said he thinks that they were 1400 or 1500 but didn't remember the actual scores.

They're still trying to get a hold of it but it's not that easy to find.Howard went to Jon Hein who ran down the stuff they were going to cover today on the Wrap Up Show.Mutt from Superfan Roundtable was up next with his preview of that show. am Howard had Robin start her news after Fred played Robin's ''Brown Mound'' song parody.It's the infamous ''Leroy Jenkins'' clip that has been on the web for years.Howard played the clip and Robin laughed her ass off at the guys freaking out over the game.Howard said he was actually watching Ira's TV show on HBO and seemed to like it.Steve mentioned the new show they have starting tomorrow morning and how Master Tape Theatre is moving to 3pm on Howard 101 starting tomorrow.Howard spent a couple of minutes asking him about patients who have come on to him and offered sex to pay their dental bills and stuff like that.The dentist gave a shout out to his World Of Warcraft guild.Steve said that Blue Iris had a 7 pound tumor removed from her uterus. He mentioned that she knew something was wrong when she started spot bleeding.Steve said that they also have a story about reporter Ira Glass talking about how Howard's show is the happiest show on radio.

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