Online dating for born again christians

Most of my time was spent in the Christian section but there was nothing found there worth writing home about.

Then we went to the big Christian bookstore and I had a look around.

At first glance it looked a lot like Hollywood Squares.

There were pictures of Christian personalities all over the covers of the many books on display.

I’m in beautiful Colorado and yes the natives are toking. If you’re interested, please check out the book on amazon. This would apply to cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and other drugs.

We first went to Barnes and Noble and I looked around but I could not find one book that I wanted to read.

Being intoxicated with alcohol has always been condemned by Scripture and Tradition – going all the way back to Moses. However, I have observed pot-smokers quite a bit (yes, I’ve been to a Phish show and my fair share of Willie Nelson concerts). It doesn’t just provide a buzz (like drinking two beers). I grant that it may not be as bad as being stone cold drunk, but it’s still a “high” that inhibits the intellect.

Judaism and Christianity, therefore, traditionally identify the blurring of this great gift (the intellect) as sinful.

Saint Paul told us to obey the arbitrary laws of our nation (speed limits in school zones) for the common good. When God created the herbs of creation, He remarked that they were all good, cannabis included. Any substance that inhibits rational functionality should not be indulged.

It used to be that pastors and youth ministers could tell teenagers, “It’s illegal. Now according to Saint Thomas Aquinas, a thing can be essentially good but used wrongly. However, if I poison your water with lead, that’s not good. If you’re interested in learning more about the structure of the human soul as it relates to virtue and vice, please download my FREE ebook on the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas titled: Over 15,000 copies downloaded!

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  1. "And when I awoke, I was alone: this bird had flown." He wakes up and finds that she has left for work, so he gets up and lights a fire in the fireplace and has a cup of tea, contemplating what has happened the night before (the affair/affairs). (She invites him to her bedroom for crying out loud -they know what's going on - their drinking) She asks him to sit, but there is no chairs - she wants him to sit on the bed.