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Way more convenient than Google Wallet, which requires you to unlock, go to the app, place the middle of the back of the phone on the reader, then enter a PIN on the phone. But now I’m purchasing with debit card US$ I bought at parity, so I might be coming out ahead in a way.Oregon softball coach Mike White had just finished a speaking engagement near Chicago when an attendee handed him a slip of paper with a name on it and told him to talk to Mike Roberts.As part of its collaboration with Bar Council Malaysia, The College of Law is providing a complimentary CPD programme to assist Members of the Malaysian Bar meet their new CPD requirements.While out of the box the Apple Pay settings are hidden unless you’re in the United States, Apple Pay is displayed based on the region of your device.But it was her mastery of Oklahoma that put her at the front of the queue.A year after the Sooners beat her in the the Women's College World Series, and with essentially the same lineup but now bolstered by freshman Jocelyn Alo, Kleist needed just 86 pitches to win."I felt kind of off with my drop ball -- I was dragging it across the zone a little bit. I was just trying to throw my pitch because it's really hard to not play the name across the chest instead of just the hitters, the players who they are. I throw against my team in the preseason, and I'm not fazed at all.And I know we have some of the best hitters in the country." Indeed, the Ducks are fourth in the nation in slugging percentage and 12th in on-base percentage.

"I didn't feel that at all during the game," Kleist said.Such was the chain of events that led a pitcher from Packers country to the Pac-12 and placed her in the circle last week against two-time defending national champion Oklahoma.What she did next, shutting out the nation's highest-scoring offense with a one-hitter that ended streaks of 30 consecutive wins and 37 consecutive road wins, is why the junior is the espn W player of the week.A fellow New Zealander and, like White, an accomplished men's softball pitcher, Roberts at the time was coaching and giving lessons in Wisconsin.Among his pupils was Megan Kleist, the name on the piece of paper in White's hands.For years, the West Coast has exported players to the rest of the country.Deftly blending a California pipeline with homegrown talent, for instance, is the cornerstone of Oklahoma's dominance.That Kleist is in Eugene in the first place helps explain why the Ducks are as good a bet as any to prevent the Sooners from winning a third consecutive national title in June.Kleist's full resume for player of the week included a weekend win against Stanford, a game in which only infield miscommunication and an ensuing unearned run denied her another shutout.While you can go through the setup process, your card must be issued by a participating bank before it can be used with Apple Pay.If you try to add a card from a bank that isn’t yet supported (i.e a card from, or issued in Australia), you’ll simply receive an error.

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