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But I was here now, and I was very, very curious to see what "Normal People" get their rocks off to. The page didn't seem to link to anywhere else, and I was about to leave when I noticed every word of the rant was its own hyperlink.So I clicked one of them, and was sent to a white page with very long list of links in the form of: " letters)" So I stopped for a minute and asked myself if I really wanted to waste God knows how much time clicking random links that will likely give me a virus that will rape my computer.Any attempts to detox the vagina will likely disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria and cause infection or irritation.And, finally, Vicks is not a good way to soothe itching on the vulva, because it’s highly likely to turn your crotch into a minty puddle of pain.Every vagina has its own smell, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This time around, we’re talking about Vicks Vapo Rub. The stuff your mum used to rub on your chest when you were sick, and that you rub directly under nose in an attempt to be able to breathe through winter.It’s kind of astounding how many times we’ve had to say ‘don’t put ____ in your vagina’.We blame poor sexual health education, rubbish advice being spread by ‘wellness experts’, and our general discomfort with the perfectly normal scent, taste, and appearance of the vagina and vulva.Others reccomend Vapu Rub as a way to ‘clean’ the vagina, to soothe itching, or even to treat yeast infections.Both uses are not only ineffective in terms of their reported benefits, but can also cause serious damage.Digging around Google I found that people recommend sticking Vapo Rub inside the vagina to get rid of vaginal odour, fix yeast infections, ‘detox’ the vagina, and soothe itching.Vicks Vapo Rub is not the answer to any of these issues.Advice varies – some suggest just wiping some Vicks on there, while one site suggests smothering Vapo Rub on a tampon then inserting it inside the vagina (this same site says ‘you may feel a burning sensation’ – that’s usually a clue that something does not belong in your vagina).However you apply it, let me be clear: Vicks Vapo Rub should not go in or around your vagina and vulva for any reason, and suggestions that you use it to ‘detox’ or get rid of ‘odours’ is just another case of people preying on our own insecurities around our vaginas. It is also not supposed to be minty fresh or entirely odourless.If you are experiencing recurring itching internally or externally, chat to your doctor.You are likely to have an infection which cannot be fixed with a product designed to get rid of a chesty cough.

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