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The resellers then also sell to other hackers, likely for a higher price.In total, RIG brings in more than ,000 a week from this one manager.

Mador explained that this business model "makes a lot of sense." Buyers don't have to put up any money to cooperate and the gangs rake in a lot of cash for any traffic caught.At the same time, he adds that the rental system is still more prevalent.The malware Magnitude infected victims with when it got exploit traffic was called 'ransomware.' It follows a simple concept: If a victim is successfully infected, his or her computer files get encrypted, meaning that he or she loses all access to this data.0 may seem like a lot, but Mador assures us "it's really not a big expense." RIG's business model operates much like retail does, with a warehouse and resellers.So a RIG manager sells the exploits both directly and to other resellers for a variety of prices.They require a lot of vetting and trust from other criminals.Exploit kits are the bread and butter for how cybercriminals successfully hack the masses.How much depended on whichever ransomware was used.But this form of cyberransom is extremely lucrative.The information security company Trustwave has been doing just this for years.It now has a lot to show for it, including discovering how much money a hacking gang makes and how precisely the cybercrime ecosystem works.

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