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Annie enrols at Summer Bay High and Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) helps her, but Geoff sees Lucas as a bad person and continually argues with him.

After falling asleep due to farm work and study one day, Annie crashes out on Lucas' bed and is found by Bruce who assumes the worst and drags her home.

When Jai begins doing dangerous stunts, Annie is injured while performing a similar stunt to show him how it affects people who care about him; they are forbidden from seeing each other.

Irene and Jai's foster father, Miles Copeland (Josh Quong Tart) eventually relent.

For her portrayal of Annie, Best was nominated for Most Popular New Female Talent at the 2008 Logie Awards.

Annie loses her faith after local Reverend John Hall (Paul Tassone) dies following botched brain surgery and she gets drunk.

Aden Jefferies (Todd Lasance) finds her and is blamed for her condition as he previously plied Tamsyn Armstrong (Gabrielle Scollay) with alcohol.

She made her first screen appearance as Annie during the episode broadcast on 20 June 2007.

Best left the serial in 2010, so she could concentrate on her studies.

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