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Since the agency simultaneously endorsed upgrading the medium-class Angara-5 rocket into an Angara-A5V (or Angara-5V for short) variant, engineers at RKK Energia, the PTK NP developer, attempted to fit the spacecraft and its missions into this much smaller rocket.

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My thoughts were that this was an excellent Sci-Fi thriller that could do well at the box office with an good English translation.In April, RKK Energia confirmed that the crew cabin for the PTK NP would be made of a composite material replacing the 1570C aluminum alloy to save mass.The move was apparently a part of weight-cutting measures demanded by Roskosmos, in order to fit the PTK NP into the Angara-5V rocket.Decision process On April 22, Yuri Koptev, the head of Scientific and Technical Council at Roskosmos, said that the preliminary proposal for the Angara-5V rocket would be ready by the end of the year.In turn, the head of RKK Energia Vladimir Solntsev was quoted as saying that his company would complete a preliminary proposal for the integration of the PTK NP spacecraft with the Angara-5V within six months.With a projected payload capacity of 37.5 tons, it would take a pair of Angara-5V launchers to place the PTK NP into an orbit around the Moon or into the Earth-Moon Lagrangian points.Even more problematic, four such rockets would be needed to support an expedition to the surface of the Moon.By the end of 2015, the proposed Angara-5V was apparently 1.8 tons short of carrying the PTK spacecraft with its MOB-DM stage.At the same time, the rocket would also need extra 2.2 tons of payload in order to lift the LVPK lunar module along with its own MOB-DM space tug.To support orbital assembly, the launch complex would have to be able to support launches of two Angara-5V rockets within three days from each other.Technical developments and schedules As in the several previous years, Roskosmos was largely mum about the progress in the development and testing of the PTK NP spacecraft.

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