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A rustle behind me lets me know that you are not a dream. Your hair spilling over your face fills me with want, When I think of laying next to you I am filled with a desire that burns.Your quiet slumber is interrupted by deep sighs and I stand here wondering if your dreams are filled with yesterday.A light lunch followed filled with talk and laughter.I remember I was mesmerized by your eyes glistening with pleasure as they looked out the window.It was just another day of arriving at our cabin for the weekend. We unloaded the car and put the food and clothes away.We had both worked too many hours and were so looking forward to this long weekend alone. We put fresh sheets on our bed and I remember looking at you and kidding you about making it up as we both knew that it was going to be torn apart later.When I suggested that we go for a walk, I remember chuckling to myself as you found my hand and led me out the door.

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My tongue finds yours and our passion and desire is overwhelming. I wrap an arm around you and pull you towards me tightly as our kiss seems to last an eternity. Your leg sliding over mine and wrapping around my own as you pull me tighter to you.The sun shines and glistens as the water tumbles over the rocks.The meadow in front of our cabin is filled with the aroma and beauty of the spring flowers. I still remember your kiss and your arm pulling me to you as we stop. I pull you down and lay you on the soft spring blooms.Leaning down I kiss you lightly on the lips and with a flick of my tongue I kiss my way down your cheek and nuzzle at your neck. My hand cups your breast and I feel your hardened nipple against my palm as I give it a gentle squeeze.I take your ear lobe between my lips and give it a gentle pull, Letting go I whisper in your ear that I am going to be tasting every inch of you. My searching mouth finds your breast and I slowly encircle your nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. I feel your hand on my neck pulling me tighter against you as your back arches slightly.My tongue flits over it as my finger begins to massage each fold. Your sighs and moans telling me what you need when.My hardness is straining inside my pants and when I feel that your orgasm is close I slow down my tongue and fingers letting your arousal plateau and hold you just on the edge. I grab your jeans and panties and pull them the rest of the way off. You break our kiss and bend forward engulfing me completely.The sun was shining and there was a light breeze blowing and I could tell you wanted to be out in it.It didn't take us long to do the dishes and I still remember the kiss that was so filled with promise you gave me as we finished.I watch as your hands unzip your jeans and push them hurriedly down.My mouth lets go of your breast my lips pulling on your nipple.

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