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The Bike Register Membership Plus kit contains 2 highly durable Tamper Resistant QR barcode labels.

These can be scanned with a smart phone to identify your bike on the Bike Register website, and determine whether it is stolen. The Bike Register Visible Marking kit permanently marks the frame of your bike with your unique Bike Register ID.

This do-it-yourself kit chemically etches the coating of your bike frame with a visible and permanent blue mark, leaving a neat unique mark which does not affect the frame’s integrity.

Included with the kit is a durable, tamper resistant warning label. Any bike with a painted or lacquered finish can be marked with the standard plastic marking compound. More Information The Bike Register UV Covert kit allows you to mark your frame and bike components with hundreds of microscopic dots printed with your unique Bike Register ID.

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You may also or by phone once your procedure has been scheduled.

The site also enables members of the public to check 2nd hand bikes to assist them in trying to avoid purchasing stolen goods.

What the program will do for you Nutritional monitoring Exercise monitoring Medical monitoring Questions often asked about this program Additional information The Medical Weight Loss Program provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to weight loss.

However, if your bike frame is uncoated carbon fibre, uncoated aluminium or uncoated titanium, then we recommend using our Membership Plus Kit.

The Bike Register website is fully responsive, allowing customers to access their account, and Police to check stolen bikes, on smart phones and tablets whilst on the go.

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