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Familiarising yourself with the site and its important conveniences – such as showers and water supplies - is also much easier in daylight. Relying on a campfire or barbecues for cooking Everyone loves the pleasure of outdoor cooking, but don’t let it go to your head.

Even the most staunch sausage fan will be sick of flame-charred meat after a few days.

Most errors are rookie and avoidable with just a little advance planning.

Here are ten common mistakes you should avoid if you want to be a happy camper: What kind of weird Oompa Loompa world do tent designers and makers live in?

But whatever you do, don’t make them too complicated.

Confit guinea fowl with fondant potato and a red wine reduction is probably pushing it when your work surface is a log.

It pays to go quite old-school here – no one wants to hear Disney films blaring out from next door’s tent.

Little i Pods loaded with audiobooks are OK; Kindles less so, as they easily get sat or stood on, shattering the screen.

Make sure all footwear is removed before entering but remember to store it undercover in case of bad weather.Before you set off, pitch your tent somewhere and pour water over to check it is still weatherproof.Likewise get to know the rest of your gear by putting it through its paces, especially if it’s new and untested. Arriving late to the campsite Anyone who’s ever pitched a tent in the dark will know the nightmare it can be.The vision of a restorative simple pleasures-filled break quickly turns into a horror show where everybody is whining about being too-hot or too-cold, starving hungry and uncomfortable.But holidaying under canvas doesn’t need to be that way.Some tents have vented vestibules designed for stove use but, as a rule, it's wise to never cook inside your tent.Bringing insufficient lighting The nights can get pretty long under the stars and unless you want to turn in as soon as it gets dark, battery-powered or solar lanterns are a good idea.What’s more, starting a cooking fire or lighting a barbecue every time you get peckish or want to boil up water will go through your resources quickly, take a long time and leave you frustrated and hungry.As well as checking in advance that you’re allowed fires or barbecues where you’re staying, always take insurance - pack a decent gas cooking stove and spare gas canisters too. Ensure sleeping bags are going to be warm enough for the weather forecasted and that you always have an air-filled layer between your bag and the ground.At a minimum, a head torch is indispensable and leaves your hands free to do other things – like reading or (more likely) the washing up.Again, check it works before leaving and pack extra batteries.

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