Monotheistic religions predating judaism dating simulation games for ipod touch

Perhaps another piece of evidence that suggests that man created God is the way our preachers chop and change the image and intent of the model to suit whatever uses they have for God at any given time. Suzuki said all the religions are so many fingers pointing to the moon, even admitting that his own Zen was merely a finger and not the moon.I mentioned in a previous post that there were 39000 sects of Christianity alone in 2006. The moon, he maintains, is what we are looking for and the finger of religion is the tool we have to find it.But as far as debating whether Christianity is monotheistic? The three parts seem to operate with one will, am I right about this (sarcasm intended)?Actually, Christianity proves an elevation of the one God concept from Judaism: God's got personal components, WOW!!and this highlights a problem repeated in all the creation myths where monotheism is attempted , either God is androgynous or god is dualistic male and female, also a single creator with duel nature both Good and evil, Or two gods one for good and one for evil, ether way in the beginning wo/man created the God/dess Yeah could well be the god of Moses’ its around the right time with the Hyksos Oppression of the Egyptians I think the pharaoh was sacked and there was an exile of Egyptians with there bond slaves Amun was a god of the Oppressed even a freedom fighter, justice for the poor.And all of that and was distinctly monotheistic and patriarchal. I could look up the dates but I have to go to work ,out of time...

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His tribal members were so disorganised and uncouth if you read Leviticus 18:1-30, that he needed a BIG BROTHER watching everything they did to make them behave according to all of the rules he brought down from Mount Sinai.

The Trinity of "Dad, the Kid and Spooky" still contains the separatist notion of "The Father" as God'I had a couple of afterthougts since my last post.

A better explanation for the separateness of God in the Trinity is the phrasing of the Trinity on all special occasions "In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti".

In any case, it's not central to my point and I appreciate you pointing out the flaw, the above may be flawed as well.

It was brought up as an example of the idea that monotheism is not even solely a mideast phenom from 6000 years ago, and perhaps you are right about that specific. I am not an expert on near east studies so I won't venture to argue the exact dates of JC monotheism.

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