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2) Plug flash drive into Xbox 360 and it seees the available space on the drive. 6) PC reports to "insert a disk into USB Drive" or a message similar to that. Putting in Xe X Menu in also made modio work and I'm using version 3 It took me forever but putting in Xe X Menu into was the key. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone, but hopefully it's a step in the right direction. I put the USB in a different computer (version 10.0.10586) and can see pm Me Not bad..having issues with Xbox 360 data on a USB drive.3) Tell Xbox 360 to format flash drive and the flash drive is formatted. Also noticing the PC does not show available or free space. It says the drive test is slow but it successfully formatted the drive. 1) format the flash drive as NTFS 2) go to your 360 hard drive and hit Y for Transfer. If it can be access you should have a file (Do not remove or rename this file) We will edit it. 5) go to Computer Management then Disk management 6) Assign a Drive Letter 7) you should now see 8) open the text file and edit what is inside. I did the rename thing and tried it on my computer (running version 10.0.14393) but could not access the USB without being prompted to format it and Horizon did not recognize it. Windows now thinks it needs to format the drive when I plug it in the pc. pm Macky Aaron T Let me also give your case/reference number, this number will be your number for the specific issue or concern for future references.Here it is: 1352046870 pm Macky Aaron T I see, when had we updated if I may ask?I select simple volume and assign a letter but do not format. Anyone have any issues like this and can it be fixed. The only other thing I thought of was to use my original Xplorer 360 software and plug my xbox 360 side hard drive into the SATA adapter and pull the files form that. I am considering having a dual-boot of Windows 7 just for using these tools. I started with Windows support, as it seems to be a Windows issue that it can no longer read a USB formatted by the Xbox 360. I even showed him this tread while he was remoted into my computer and he tried following Fuzion5303's steps. pm Me It has been a couple of months since I last tried it, but I have been on Windows 10 for a while, so it seems an update may have "broken" it.

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I am assuming it is because of the file system use by xbox 360. 9) Again, copy the dynasty file to the flash drive from the xbox 360 hard drive. 11) Still reports to insert disk into USB Drive H: and does not show free or total space on the drive in This PC (My Computer) 12) Modio or Horizon do not see the flash drive. Select the flash drive as destination 3) hit configure it will take up more than half the space on a 1GB drive. It may say "USB Flash Drive" and rename it to "Xe X Menu" without the quotes. 9) Open and run Horizon or modio v3 as administrator. Unfortunately, there seems to be a definite issue with 10.0.14393. The laptop I am on is 10.0.10586 and shows up but when the flash drive is plugged into my main computer with build 10.0.14393, it was me to format the flash drive. It used to be able to read the drive without issue before.

7) I go into disk management and notice the flash drive is unallocated status. I have tried USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 (on the back of the computer with no success. I was hoping to modify my teams 1st year dynasty from the original 2013 scheule to reflect the 2016 schedule so it's mroe realistic. Microsoft programming out Xbox 360 compatibility [conspiracy theory coming!!!! I wonder if anyone has a known fix or if it's best to stay with 10.0.10586 or with Windows 7. pm Macky Aaron T I see, since you've mentioned before, may I ask when was this concern started to happen?

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