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He is a Microsoft frequent speaker in Security Conferences.

He writes monthly in several Spanish Technical Magazines.

Federico Kirschabum is currently the CTO of Infobyte Security Research, company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With almost 10 years of experience researching and pentesting networks, he has developed a deep knowledge in the computer security & telecomunications field.

Frequent international speaker, he has presented, among others, at DEFCON (Las Vegas), Shmoocon (Washington) and FOWA (London), as well as published vulnerabilities in key sites such as return to top WPA2 is the most robust security configuration available today for Wi Fi networks. Interestingly, it is also being used to secure guest, municipal and public Wi Fi networks.

This session will show how to steal, in Microsoft Internet Information Services, the user account credential, how to get access to this web applications impersonating the connection and taking advance of the web server credentials and how to connect against internal databases servers in the DMZ without credentials.

In this talk we will explore the uncharted waters between Cyber Crime and Cyber Warfare, while mapping out the key players (mostly on the state side) and how past events can be linked to the use of syndicated Cyber Crime organization when carrying out attacks on the opposition.

We will discuss the connections between standard warfare (kinetic) and how modern campaigns use cybersecurity to its advantage and as an integral part of it.

He has over six years of experience of research and development in various wireless technologies such Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS etc.

He possesses strong background in secure driver development, protocol development, wireless network security and vulnerability assessment.

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