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Since that moment, our relationship has progressed and I can now say I’m falling in love with this date.

And I attribute part of that to his patience and understanding and sadness around the situation.

Who knows if things will work out, but for what its worth, dating in the post-Weinstein era has shown me that vulnerability is key and if a guy condones or diminishes any of your prior sexual assaults or harassments, he’s not worth your time.""My reckoning began with the 'Shitty Media Men' list.

While I never saw the actual list myself, as a woman in the media, I knew of men at all levels who were harassers/assaulters/rapists.

I’m enraged when they slut shame other women as a means of complimenting me. I ask a lot of questions and try my best to carefully analyze the photos of anyone I meet. I remember things that my own father would say years ago that he would never say now and that’s because he’s got two razor-tongued daughters that continually check him at any opportunity. At the moment, I don’t have a concrete solution for this problem and I also don’t have a boyfriend either.""As our culture has shifted and become slightly less accepting of men who sexually assault people, I have found that I now have zero tolerance for any sort of perpetuation of rape culture. For example, I was talking on the phone with the guy I've been seeing for a few months.

Ahead, eight women reveal how they’re approaching dating in a new, post-Weinstein, #Me Too world (one that likely wouldn’t exist if we weren’t also in a post-Trump world) and what it means to open your relationship up to these difficult, necessary conversations."What’s startling for me, post-Weinstein, is how little has changed in the way I date. I’m not the only one who runs this drill: when going on a date with someone new, every woman I know has a network of friends on the other side of her phone screen. We acknowledge a truth in our quiet routines—that even if we aren’t heading into a hotel with a powerful man, we know better than to go alone.

They asked whether you can appreciate art created by someone who's harassed others.

They bonded and obsessed over a fictional story about bad sex (and the reactions to it), and they wrote countless think pieces about one woman’s questionably consensual but deeply upsetting experience going on a date with Aziz Ansari.

' A year ago, I might have let it slide or just made a small comment, especially since we haven't been seeing each other that long.

I may have offered a very brief explanation of the challenges women face when reporting assault and harassment, but then let it go. I’ll take temporary discomfort over the pain of silencing myself any day.""I’d never told any of my past boyfriends—or dates—that I had been sexually assaulted in college.

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