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Hepatitis C (Hep C) is a serious, blood-borne disease that has been under the radar.

It’s not talked about much, so even though it affects millions, many people don’t know about it.

If your doctor prescribes entecavir or tenofovir disoproxil tablets, you’ll need to take these daily.

Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medication and take it as prescribed by your doctor.

If you have chronic hepatitis C, your doctor will prescribe the most suitable medicine for you.

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Most people with hepatitis C don’t have any symptoms.Here are just a few of the ways in which our core editorial principles have been recognised. I like that it’s factual and realistic about the conditions and the procedures involved.It’s also easy to navigate to areas that you specifically want without having to read all the information.In a nutshell, our information is jargon-free, concise and accessible.We know our audience and we meet their health information needs, helping them to take the next step in their health and wellbeing journey.Hepatitis is the inflammation (swelling) of your liver.It can be caused by certain medications, drinking too much alcohol, or more commonly, as a result of a viral infection. The most common types of viral hepatitis are hepatitis A, B and C.During this time it’s important to take action to stop the disease from getting worse.If you smoke or drink alcohol, it’s a good idea to stop.If after around six to nine weeks there’s no improvement, your doctor may suggest trying a different treatment option.If you have hepatitis C, your GP will refer you to a specialist.

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