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Those first few moments when you respond to the shrills of your alarm or the dip of your float and pick up a rod that has a feeling of solid resistance – that’s pure magic.Roach, tench, bream, pike, perch, mirrors, commons, fully-scaled, linears, and even koi!You could be meeting your date sooner than you think.We ensure that all member profiles are manually checked to give you the best user experience possible.This is that heart-stopping moment where the peace, tranquillity, and silence are broken and you become connected with something wild and raw, even if you almost wet yourself with excitement!It feels like an electric shock coursing through your body and all your senses become heightened, fuelled by pure adrenaline.as long as you're looking for a date, an online romance, flirting, intimacy or marriage ...

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Being ribbed when you’ve cast in a tree or gone over your wellies when netting a fish is all part of the fishing scene.

) and you are focused on nothing but catching a fish.

The sense of peace is amplified by the environment as well as your single-minded objective.

That feeling of finally landing the fish you’ve spent years chasing, driven hundreds of miles for, and spent hundreds of hours obsessing about.

The sense of accomplishment and achievement can be enough to bring even the most hardened of anglers to tears.

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