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Phone Talk Talk on their 03 contact number for technical support for your Talk 2 Go app.Talk 2 Go is a service for Talk Talk customers where they can use their mobile data to make a mobile phone call using their landline tariff, therefore saving money on many types of phone call.To learn more about call costs on Sky Talk, call Sky on their freephone customer service number 08.While it may seem appealing to have a cheap burner phone to use for calls you don’t want to have go to your main phone, many people find that burner phones are more trouble than they are worth.Phone Talk Talk to join one or more of their services by calling their freephone contact number 08.

You can also call the Talk Talk New Line Activation helpline to find out when your Talk Talk contract expires or to cancel a Talk Talk order.

You should also phone 03 to contact Talk Talk for troubleshooting advice on problems with your Talk Talk phone, broadband, TV or email service.

Other reasons to phone Talk Talk’s 03 number include notifying Talk Talk that an account holder has passed away and to change a Talk Talk order or engineer appointment time.

The new regulations which came into force on 1st June 2015 to reform UK call costs put this right, by ensuring that mobile phones follow suit with landline phones in honouring the freeness of freephone numbers.

As a result, all UK freephone numbers, including 08 numbers, with the exception of the deprecated 0500 number range, are now completely free to call from all UK landlines and mobiles including those operating on the Sky Talk network.

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