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Sri Lanka signed the first OP - on the involvement of children in armed conflicts - on 21 August 2000 and ratified it on 08 September 2000, whereas the second OP – on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography was signed on but has never been ratified until today.

Thereby the Child rights continue to be neglected in those countries.

Also as this business is run by those who have strong links with senior government officials, the problem in not raised and pressure is not exerted on Sri Lanka to ratify the "Optional Protocol on child prostitution and child pornography".

At the same time, more than 110,000 Sri Lankan army deserters have caused another problem affecting children in the South.

This was jointly organised by the Tamil Centre for Human Rights (TCHR) and Ms.

Anita Pollack, a member of European Parliament of Labour Party in UK.

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