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The Knights Templar was founded during the 12th century in Jerusalem by the Prieure de Sion for the purpose of excavating the Temple site in Jerusalem and removing the treasure.In 1127 they completed their work and moved the treasure to their Chapter House in Paris. The knowledge of the Ark was placed in the Chartres Cathedral.There are multiple concerns with these devices, including their link to cancer.More concerning still is the fact that a child's brain absorbs up to four times as much radiation as that of an adult, and children today are growing up with these devices in hand. Related: 'Casualty catastrophe': cell phones and child brains Our love for our screens is in itself a problem.Interestingly, James was also known as Joseph of Arimathea. Jmmanuel was known as Yuz Asaf to the Muslims and to the Indians he was known as Isa.

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There are at least 21 historical documents that bear witness to his having lived in Kashmir, India.

The science of why the blue light emitted by mobile devices keeps people awake has led to the discovery of a photoreceptor called Melanopsin.

Though we've long been familiar with the various cones and rods that construct our vision, Melanopsin was discovered recently in retinal ganglion cells, which are sensitive to blue light.

(source) The first thing you can do is limit your screen time before bed, turning all screens off at least two hours before you plan to fall asleep.

This is the perfect time to catch up on your reading.

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