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"Daniel does a lot of growing up through the course of the show and we see humanity.

"There is a little bit of Betty in all of us," he says.And Daniel's mistreatment of Betty forces him to re-evaluate his priorities."We're kind of the same person, only from a different background," Mabius says.In a town where no prize is greater than youth, 59-year-old Alan Dale (below) is an unlikely "new" star.The New Zealand-born actor, best known as dashing Dr John Forrest in - and decided he would dip his toe in the US market. "I felt that in my 50s if I didn't do it now, I never would.It is immediately engaging because of its cartoonish style, notably Betty's almost pantomime wardrobe ("It changes the way I walk. It gives me more boldness," Ferrera says), and its enormous heart.Daniel and Betty are fundamentally the same, though they deal with their life pressures in different ways.In later episodes, it is replaced by another telenovelita, as it has become known, staff writers Veronica Becker and Sarah Kucserka.(They can be watched, with English dubbing, at com.) Ferrera landed the role after winning Hayek's approval."It was very over the top and very funny while the other soaps were also over the top, but the sense of humour in this one is a little different," Hayek says.In a delicious nod to its roots, pilot, Hayek makes a cameo as the maid, who clashes with her employer, played by Venezuelan telenovela legend Lupita Ferrer.

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