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with your help, i figured out my issue with Step 1 and was able to finish everything i needed. I'm a designer / developer currently working in Manchester and I'm also a keen musician.(Note: I own both.) So - i created a view on SMDP but I couldn't figure out how to configure it based on this tutorial ( Since blogs are the only thing in this feed, do i need to put the filter criteria as blog post? fr.matt_link - is where the link on the blog post is taking people. In particular: 1) Is the RSS feed from the SMDP site updating with the new blog? Are you using the Feeds module or the Aggregator module?

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The possibilities are endless here and it will give your selectively overridden Taxonomy pages a unique look that can be highly designed, it gets away from boring lists of things that are typical of these type of pages.

Hello - i'm trying to pull in a blog from one site onto another site. Matt's blog because the "FEEDS" views were display more log-like information. You'll need to test the various steps in the process. 3) If the answer to the two questions above is yes, check that the cron job is correctly firing the feed import. thanks, sabrina Hi Sabrina It's been a little while so talk me through this, please.

Now that you have your new custom Taxonomy Term View, we need to make a few changes to some of the default settings that came with it.

For the default 'Page Display', change the depending on what you are doing, just be aware of that, your milage may vary. Note that because there's a Contextual Filter in play, you won't see a preview of your View right off the bat so you can use " so I can input that into the text box and see a preview after updating.

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