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"There are a lot of similarities to where I grew up in Cole Harbour (Nova Scotia), starting with the people. Roethlisberger's success resulted in some national writers referring to Pittsburgh as "Roethlisburgh." Even Crosby, then a rookie phenom, waved a "Terrible Towel" in front of a sellout crowd at Mellon Arena after a Penguins' victory.

• Roethlisberger teams with Nike nationally and PLB Sports locally.

"In terms of national recognition, Crosby will never attain what Roethlisberger did in 20," Rovell said.

"People around North America will always think of the Steelers first when they think of Pittsburgh.

"Ben and Sid represent the young Pittsburgh, which is significant," said Derda, associate athletic director of external relations at Duquesne University and a former marketing executive for the Pirates, the National Basketball Association and Clear Channel Communications.

"This is the young, vibrant Pittsburgh, and in the minds of many, these are the two guys leading the charge." Roethlisberger, 25, is entering his fourth season as Steelers quarterback, a position of influence among the team's rabid fans.

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  1. Also on Fridays, Jimmy shows a mashup of news anchors reading the week's biggest headlines, set to music. Similar to a high school yearbook, Jimmy shows pictures of NFL players and says what "Most likely to…" awards they received, to promote the players on the teams of that week's episode of NBC Sunday Night Football, which are simply based on what they look like.

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