Did nat and rosalina dating in real life

Parents need to know that you owe it to your kids to do a major reality check on this made-for-TV movie about the adventures of Nickelodeon's hugely popular The Naked Brothers Band.The young stars have no responsibilities whatsoever, live in the lap of luxury (big-screen TVs, indoor clubhouses stocked with games, etc.), and enjoy hordes of fans cheering them on wherever they go.Another celebrity relationship that she has been included in is her relationship with Sean Beling.The couple started an affair on 2009 and the relationship ran its course for a few years before the couple finally decided to call it splits.Just turn off the TV, delete his myspace, and make him read a damn book.I love how most sites deem the Naked Brothers Band as a "Tween Rocumentary." Fuckers. There are no any rumors regarding her personal and professional life at the present time.

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Nat professed his love for Rosalina with a song named "Rosalina." Yes, and you better believe that song brings the major LOLs. If you love your characters constantly reading off a teleprompter then this show is for you, faggot.When these kids aren't trying to hump the legs of their female producers they write songs with shitty lyrics.Their first single, Crazy Car, was painstakingly bad.Potty language is frequent (the main offender is the group's youngest member, 8-year-old Alex), partly thanks to a total lack of adult supervision." /Adult supervision is virtually non-existent; the only adult figure is onscreen for mere minutes of the movie, and he's cast as a goofball (his tween sons often poke fun at him).Also, because the plot revolves around the "love life" of 11-year-old leader Nat -- he's devastated when his long-time crush falls for a flashy rock star -- there are more sexual references than you might expect for something aimed at tweens.A girl is called "hot" and "a good kisser," a tween pats a girl's bottom as she walks by (she responds by giggling and asking if she's being "punk'd"), and one scene shows a teen couple cuddled together and kissing passionately.There is no information regarding her salary and net worth.Seeing her performance in her field we can assume that she earns a good salary and net worth.There is one unlucky girl in the show that seems to have become the love interest of Nat Wolff ever since he got over his fear of cooties.Nat's 8 year old brother, Alex, wears a doo-rag and fake tattoos because what he lacks in reproductive organs he makes up for in bling bling, haterz! Alex always wonders why 18 year old girls aren't attracted to him.

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