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All the time the magician is sawing through the box, and while the halves are separated, the assistant's arms and legs can be seen moving, showing that they are not fake.

Sometimes, while the box halves are still separated, the magician will invite audience members to shake hands with the divided assistant to further show that the hands and legs are real.

In this version of the illusion, the assistant climbs into the box and, after the doors have been closed, places their bare arms and legs through the holes in the doors.

The magician then saws downwards through the box, inserts the divider blades, and separates the box halves.

With the doors closed, all that is visible of the assistant is their boots and gloves projecting out of the box.

Using a large cross-cut saw, the magician and another assistant then saw downwards through the box, between the assistant's gloves hands, dividing them in two.

The assistant then steps out of the box and joins the magician to take their bows.

And they also didn’t find some deadly bacteria in it… Okay, maybe not worse, but I was completely disgusted. In 1993, magician David Copperfield premièred a new version of the vertical sawing in his stage shows, which he called "The Blade".Designed by Don Wayne and built by David Mendoza, this was the first "visible" vertical sawing.It also has a slot in the front from the base to just below the face hole.The assistant enters the box via a door in the side, placing their face, hands and feet in the appropriate holes.The assistant is dressed in white, and wears large boots and gloves as in the Miss Boots sawing.After a short routine where both assistant and Copperfield hang from the strap below the blade and spin around, they are lowered back down to the stage and a large box is introduced, supported above the stage on a low frame.Additionally, the assistant does not wear the large boots and gloves of the Miss Boots sawing.It is generally known as the Sorcar-style sawing as it is most associated with the Indian magician Sorcar Jr, although it has occasionally been performed by other magicians.The performance begins with Copperfield introducing a very large blade, which is lowered from the ceiling by a hoist.He then explains that, while most magicians cut people in half across their waist, he's devised a new way to do it.

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