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control and measuring, propellant supply system and pneumohydraulic system.

The other topics include reliability, strength, orbital motion, aerodynamics, space debris and its removal.

They also saw a 3D printer and listened to a fill-in given by Alexander Lomakin, Head of Department 716.

Alexander Kushnar’ov, Yuzhnoye SDO First Deputy General Designer, System Design and Oleg Fyodorov, Director of Space Research Institute acted as round-table moderators.It is not necessarily that this participation should run up to considerable expenses.We could contribute to lunar programs, applying our high intellectual potential and suggesting high-tech ideas on the lunar project implementation. He familiarized the conference audience with lunar projects cost estimations made by leading American researchers.Our foreign guests and Ukrainian colleagues highly appreciated the Conference.It was favorably received and we didn’t expect anything opposite.Borys Paton is the chief editor of this journal and I am the deputy editor.We offer an opportunity to publish the main results of the conference. It is obvious that the conference is not the first.The audience’s mood was good since the event was really unique and interesting for everyone.The excursion buses were overcrowded as a lot of people desired to see the facilities and production capabilities of Yuzhnoye SDO. Accompanying, reception, data transmission, and session organization were at the highest level.We are grateful to the organizers for holding such a top-quality innovative scientific conference.

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