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Being so bored by yourself that you fall asleep while watching yourself type a text message. Because even sleepwalkers can move their fingers faster than you type text messages woman! So, let’s have fun together by going to XYZ tomorrow! “You’re not sending text messages via snail mail are you? “Hey, I know this great places where they have XYZ. ” That’s what to text a girl if you want to ask her out but don’t want to be too obvious about it. “You seem to be a person who has an opinion and likes to have fun, just like me. If you promise you’ll be my tour guide tomorrow when I’m in XYZ, I’ll give you some lessons in XYZ in return.” Here, you ask her to be your tour guide in her city or neighbourhood, in exchange for some lessons in whatever you do best… Let’s look at some examples of what to text a girl that will, 100% guaranteed, screw things up for you. It’s playing the honesty card: straight up telling her how you feel and that you won’t stop trying to get what you want. “This is me texting you how much fun I’m having without you.” Enough with the examples of how to turn things around when you THINK you screwed things up already! You can pick the place we’ll go to, but you have to promise me you’ll by me a drink when we’re there.” 32. ” Now that’s what to text a girl if all else fails. That way we don’t hurt each other’s feelings and we also don’t have to stick it out until the end of the night if we hate each other.” You have to thank fictional womanizer Barney Stinson for that last one. “Hi, this is me avoiding your questions with indirect answers for a while.” 41.

it’s a very good way to ask a girl out too, but more on that later… “You know, I just saw this smelly homeless guy with yellow teeth, these crazy looking eyes, and the most raggedy pair of jeans I’ve ever seen. ” Don’t force me to explain why this is a good example of what to text a girl if you want to tease her… “I’m telling you a story right now and in the middle of the story, just before the moral of the story rears it’s ugly head I just…” Stop telling you. and you’ll tell her she only gets to hear the rest if she gives you a… I’d say sending 3-4 of these awesome texts to a girl is more than enough.

The basic principle behind all these examples of what to text a girl is simple: create more tension. And to do that long enough for her to want to go out with you.

It will likely get her “off the fence” if she’s been playing games, too. Well, compare it with a girl’s male best friend who tells her that “No! We’re just friends…” and who later admits that he does love her.

These samples of what to text a girl are for when, for whatever reason, she stops responding to your text messages or calls. “You seem to be busy right now, so I’ll leave you alone so you can do your thing!

“I have to tell you a little secret: even my grandmother types a text message faster than YOU do.

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  1. Show your youth and remind her of what it was like to be young, carefree and with someone that doesn’t konk out at 9pm with giving her an orgasm 😉If you want to have a successful relationship with an older woman then you must remember to give her the space she needs.