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Contracts for sexually immoral purposes were contrary to public policy and contracts tending to promote sexual immorality were illegal and unenforceable. On the contrary, society appeared not merely to have accepted their existence but to have placed them under the express control of an independent regulatory body, ICSTIS, which published a code of practice approved by OFTEL.

Distasteful though these advertisements and the services they invited might be, they came nowhere near the point where the court should feel morally obliged to abjure its usual jurisdiction over contractual disputes.

She was inspired to take action against the company and fight for better wages after learning about workers’ rights while volunteering for Bernie Sanders’s campaign. Here she reveals what’s really going on on the other end of a sex line — from what she does during calls to why women are the worst customers.

I’ve been a phone-sex operator since 2008 and I have never met anyone I work with, not even my boss.

I have my computer on so I can reference any fetish I’ve never heard of.

The calls aren’t back-to-back, so I might do some housework or get coffee while I am waiting but I need to be in a room where I can shut the door for complete concentration.

Have a bar of soap and a cup of warm water ready, also a rolled-up newspaper with a wet end and tissues.

Boys will giggle and say things like, “I’m really horny.” I can’t believe kids are saying things like that.

Armhouse Lee Ltd v Chappell and another; Court of Appeal (Lord Justice Simon Brown, Lord Justice Aldous, Lord Justice Schiemann) 23 July 1996 The provision of telephone sex conversations for reward did not constitute prostitution, and advertisements for such services were not so immoral that the court should, as a matter of public policy, decline to enforce the contracts under which they had been placed.

The Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by the defendants, Anthony Chappell and ST Grid Ltd, against the judgment of Roger Titheridge QC, sitting as a deputy High Court judge on 19 September 1994, awarding the plaintiff, Armhouse Lee Ltd (in liquidation) over pounds 700,000 in outstanding fees for advertising services.

I got a degree for a “regular” career, but when my car died I realized if I was going to pay my bills I had to find work I could do from home.

My family had no money and public transport was abysmal. All you had to do was leave a message and based on how your voice sounds you got hired.

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