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Haarlem’s history dates back to pre-medieval times, however, it was on November 23, 1245, that Count Willem II granted Haarlem city status ().

In 1270, a defensive wall was built around the city to keep it safe from sieges from the surrounding area of Kennemerland.

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At the end of this century, a 16,5-metre high wall and 15-metre wide canal was built to improve the city’s defences.Nowadays, it will only take you 15 minutes by train to get to Amsterdam.If you are visiting Haarlem, be sure to do at least one of the following: Teylers Museum was the first museum in the Netherlands.However, during the Golden Age, it flourished once again.The beer brewing industry and tulip mania were to thank for that.The St.-Bavokerk church was so severely damaged that it took Haarlem more than 150 years to rebuild it.The city suffered a second fire in 1347, and a third large fire in 1351, which destroyed the Count’s castle and the city hall.Its collection includes art, fossils and minerals, scientific instruments and coins.The building itself is a work of art as well, the Oval Room will have you in awe.Many defenders were slaughtered, and properties were plundered.Almost the entire city burnt down in 1328, since most of the city’s buildings were made out of wood at this time.

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