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Your everyday permanent markers, glue sticks and packing tape may offer a surprisingly low-tech solution to a long-standing nuisance in the manufacturing industry: Making soft and ductile, or so-called "gummy" metals easier ...

Biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate as infectious diseases increasingly spill over from wildlife to humans.

The emergence of agriculture is one of the most important transitions in the development of human societies, as it allowed the establishment of settled communities, specialization of labour and technological innovation.

University of Otago-led international collaborative research calls into question the ethics and skeletal and genomic analysis surrounding research into the much publicised alien-like "Atacama mummy".

You may recognize the anglerfish from its dramatic appearance in the hit animated film Finding Nemo, as it was very nearly the demise of clownfish Marlin and blue-tang fish Dory. New research measuring the importance of religion in 109 countries spanning the entire 20th century has reignited an age-old debate around the link between secularisation and economic growth. New research using a decade of data from ESA's Mars Express has found clear signs of the complex martian atmosphere acting as a single, interconnected system, with processes occurring at low and mid levels significantly affecting ... But poor air quality in parks may negatively affect visitation, according to a study published in Science ...

One star in particular has drawn astronomers' attention. In 1610, Galileo redesigned the telescope and discovered Jupiter's four largest moons.Archaeologists from the University of Aberdeen have led a significant new study on the history of Britain's weaning habits and have discovered that the early cessation of breastfeeding is not rooted in the Victorian era, ...Recent discoveries by a team of specialists and students at Huqoq in Israel's Galilee, led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor Jodi Magness, shed new light on the life and culture of an ancient Jewish ...Nearly 400 years later, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope used its powerful optics to look deep into space—enabling scientists to pin down ...A huge circulation pattern in the Atlantic Ocean took a starring role in the 2004 movie "The Day After Tomorrow." In that fictional tale the global oceanic current suddenly stops and New York City freezes over. national parks every year to experience America's iconic landscapes.The dogs were not domesticated North American wolves, as some have speculated, but likely ...More than 3 million years ago, our ancient human ancestors, including their toddler-aged children, were standing on two feet and walking upright, according to a new study published in Science Advances.Southeast Asia is one of the most genetically diverse regions in the world, but for more than 100 years scientists have disagreed about which theory of the origins of the population of the area was correct.A study reported in the journal Science offers an enhanced view of the origins and ultimate fate of the first dogs in the Americas.For a long time, physicists have tried to understand the relationship between a periodic pattern of conduction electrons called a charge density wave (CDW), and another quantum order, superconductivity, or zero electrical ... coli, one of the bacteria that cause food poisoning, as a model for fighting infections.Such research has led to a variety of antibiotics that penetrate the protective cell ...

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