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The Standard Velocity, High Velocity and Match boxes, not even going into the fine details that we box collectors love, are all quite different in look even during the same time frame For the Company listing, some body should hit up George Kass for this.Since he is my former partner and I only live 5 miles from him, I guess I could volinteer to approach him.Antique Ammunition: Antique Shells, Antique Rifle Ammunition. Thread Dating & Valuing a Winchester 62A | The Firing Line. Bananaman, Determining the age of old ammo boxes is a very difficult thing to pin down. One simple and easy indicator I picked up is to look for a zip code in the company address on the box.

B 30195 WINCHESTER AMMUNITION, EZXS 22 LONG RIFLE MATCH CARTRIDGES.(No, not duplicating Dan Shuey’s wonderful all inclusive study) just a simple 10-12 box sample for beginners/non collectors to get an idea of when grandpa’s half filled box of ammo was made.Then maybe add a column to the basic dating pages showing examples of rimfire boxes of the same period to show how the same general guidelines apply to most/all of the company’s ammo production.Its got pictures of the kind of boxes and gives approximate ages for the boxes. I did bookmark the site, but its probably easier to look in either the older revolvers section or the lounge (I forget witch) and go look at the site yourselves.Thanks to Randy Hedeen, we now have a great guide to identify when cartridge boxes from Peters were manufactured!PM me for an address to send some images and some text and I will convert it into web format for you.Again, a BIG thank you to Randy for his sharing this info!This sample provides a rough idea of when a box was made, and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every variation made.You can check it out from the menu on the main IAA page ( or go straight to someone provide similar info for some of the other major makers?Now, can we get someone to dig into the IAA Journal Index and find all the great Histories of Cartridge making companies?And put them in a table with columns called: (a) Company Name; (b) Location(s); © dates of operation; and (d) IAA Journal source for further info?

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