Dating and marriage in sweden

There are also many one-person households that are usually young adults in urban areas or the elderly.

Indeed, most families are now structured less traditionally because many parents have never married, have divorced or have remarried.

Sweden offers a large amount of maternity and paternity leave.

This is attributed to both job opportunities in the public sector and the support the government provides to women in the private sector.

Support and solidarity are usually directed towards the closest kin (i.e. Nonetheless, individuals value their extended family. Working adults typically spend time with their parents at Christmas, on birthdays, anniversaries and during vacations.

For those who live in the same city as their parents, they may share some meals together.

In terms of child-rearing, most children are raised to view themselves as equal to those around them, and competition is often discouraged.

As children grow, they develop a strong relationship with their closest family members.

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