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One student had a more exact idea: “take her to Wine Country and sit on the patio.”On the other hand, advice for the non-medical student in the relationship focused on cultivating hobbies in his or her newly found free time and spending time with good friends.

One person offered, “Find something that you're passionate about to build toward--whether it be a degree that you can work on, a community project, or an interest group.

So really, 30 min to eat dinner and talk plus just 30 additional minutes of us-time. We both felt like those were realistic expectations. And he was able to give me that time almost every single day during our 4 years of medical school.

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My Dr H studied at home throughout medical school and it worked out great for us.Remember, as you are trying to make time together a priority, also be realistic about your expectations.It would be unrealistic for you to expect that you will spend 2-3 hours together everyday.My son’s room also doubled as our “office”, so when he wasn’t napping or sleeping my husband would study at his desk in there.I loved it because when he took a study break he could come out and spend a few minutes with his family.If he had studied exclusively on campus I would have seen him much less during medical school.Now I know that studying at home isn’t for everyone.The Boardwalk, Robinson Film Center and ½ off movies at Tinseltown on Tuesdays were all mentioned.Also recommended: the breweries Great Raft and Flying Heart, RW Norton Art Gallery, Red River Revel (in October), going to the farmers markets and Gators and Friends.It is hard and it will seem like he is studying constantly. But please, please please – don’t give in to that misconception.You will have time to spend together, both as a family and as a couple, if you both choose to make the time.

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